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B1G Stadium Sizes

Given some of the comments I heard surrounding the Rutgers – Penn State game about the size of Rutgers stadium, I was curious to see how the stadium stacked up to the competition.  I knew the stadium would not be in the top half of the list, but I was pleased to see that 1) Rutgers was not in the bottom 3, and 2) that it won’t take much to get Rutgers up near the middle of the pack.  My expectation is that a solid few years in the B1G will go a long way toward getting Rutgers stadium over 60,000.  Which, knowing how loud folks from the NJ area can be, will make it sound like there are 120,000 are in there when big games are played.

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Source: Wikipedia


Rutgers 2009 Recruits

Today is national Letter of Intent signing day, when college footbal recruits sign their binding letters to attend the univeristy and join the team in the Fall.  Here is the current, expected list (via and of signees.

  • Tom Savage
  • De’Antwan Williams
  • Isaac Holmes
  • Logan Ryan
  • Andre Civil*
  • Antwan Lowery
  • Jamal Merrell
  • Jamil Merrell
  • Abdul Smith
  • Paul Carrezola
  • Duron Harmon
  • Steve Beauharnais
  • Mark Harrison
  • Aaron Hayward
  • Michael Larrow
  • Quron Pratt
  • Mohamed Sanu*
  • Robert Joseph
  • Jamal Wilson
  • Junior Solice
  • David Osei

There are also still some outstanding recruits that might announce for Rutgers, including Malcom Bush and Justin Brown.  No matter what happens, though, this represents the BEST class in Rutgers football history.

*Recruit has enrolled for the Spring 2009 semester


This Kid Rocks (Oh, right, and Rutgers demolished L’Ville 63-14)

Rutgers absolutely schooled Louisville last night in their last regular season game, locking up a miscellaneous bowl bid to somewhere by way of putting on a clinic in the first half.

But that wasn’t the coolest part of the game – this kid was.  He rocked out to Bon Jovi with about 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter.


R U Ready for Some Schedule Whining?

Yes, it’s that time again. As we head in to the first college football games of the season, it’s time for those mighty prognosticators to get out there and spin and whine about who has the easiest and hardest schedules. ESPN, always a favorite of mine, posted theirs the other day.

What I love about these annual articles so much is how the writers spin tales that make it sound as though the college football schedule slate is wiped clean every year, with the schools able to decide entirely on their own who they want to play. It ignores the reality that these games are often scheduled years in advance, through long-term contracts and football conferences. It ignores how the fortunes of teams rise and fall, so that a young and growing program when a contract is signed can be considered weak then but become stronger with time.

News Rutgers

Rutgers News Roundup

Rutgers is hitting the bigtime, with more success on the recruiting trail and more scrutiny over the athletic department. Although most of the negative articles seem to be reporters chasing a story more than a story waiting for reporters, it’s still news. And with that, here are a few worthwhile links I’ve read over the past few weeks.

Just a few of the key stories that have been written about in the lead up to the start of the next season. For which, I am happy to say, I can’t wait.


A Different Kind of Community?

Artifacts from the Raritan Landing settlement were found at the site of the football stadium expansion during the excavation in the south end zone. One of the key finds was the Rising Sun Tavern, a key meeting place during the heyday of the town. Which is why I find this quote so funny:

“This will be the gathering space for a whole new different type of community,” Elizabeth said.

How different, really? Drunk people will still be meeting up in the same place they did 200 years earlier.