Minimized Government, eh?

I laughed when I read the following line in this NY Times article:  “Ms. Palin displayed little familiarity with economic policy details in her interview last week with Charles Gibson of ABC News, but the instincts she articulated matched Mr. Bush’s preference for minimizing government’s role.”

Really?  From the guy who ran the administration that launched two wars, took over Fannie and Freddie, created a whole new entitlement with Medicare Part D worth hundreds of billions in new spending (while tying the government’s hands in negotiating fair deals), pushed heavily for the “Patriot” Act to allow spying on US citizens without warrant or notification, sanctioned and encouraged the use of torture on foreign residents, and created a whole new Department within the Federal Government, he believes in minimizing government’s role? Seriously, how can you write that with a straight face?  He might believe in minimizing government’s competence, but he certainly doesn’t believe in minimizing government’s role.