More I Heart SOTU

A couple of thoughts on the SOTU as I watched tonight.

* Overall I thought Bush’s speach wasn’t bad, and he did a fairly decent job of delivering it.
*Condi Rice needs a new stylist. She looked like a vampire.
* Was John McCain winking when George Bush mentioned earmarks, or is his left eye dysfunctional.
* Speaking of earmarks, I like how the leader of the party in charge of the most abusive Congress in history is suddenly railing against them now that they’re no longer in power.
* Cheney perched over Bush’s shoulder gave the impression he was the puppet master. This was highlighted by the fact that both drank a glass of water at the same time midway through the speech.
* Why didn’t all the Democrats stand when Bush said we don’t want a nuclear Iran? Seriously, do they SUPPORT a nuclear Iran? I was reminded at how Democrats can be idiots on foreign policy at times.
* The health insurance policy was not well described. Whether this is intentional or unintentional I don’t know, but I’m suspicious.
* I can’t wait to see the whole balanced budget idea.
* While the Sunni/Shia Middle East conflict was oversimplified, and al Qaeda was perhaps too liberally mixed in with at least some of the events in Iraq, he nonetheless highlighted the fact that the situation a) isn’t progressing well, and b) has the potential to (d)evolve in to a wider regional conflict between Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and other powers. This has become an increasingly real concern due to our involvment in Iraq.
* Why will 20,000 more troops make a difference? And how does that actually reflect a change of strategy?

In any case, here we go.


I Heart the SOTU

While a few people mentioned that today Bush gives the State of the Union address, I’m more interested in Northwest’s changes to their Worldperks program due to be announced either tomorrow or Thursday. That clearly shows where my priorities are.


Long Overdue

From CNN

“I figured I’d better get it in before we waited another 10 years,” he said after turning it in Friday with the $171.32 check. “Fifty-seven years would be embarrassing.”

Because showing up after 47 years is so much better than 57.



Ok, how freakin’ cool is it going to be to get my hands on one of these? Thank you Wired for finding the next item I’ll eagerly drop $250 on.


3 a.m.

It’s 3 a.m. and I should not be awake. Unfortunately this January “heat wave” has the house too hot to sleep in.


Sex Kittens

The short version: Cat poop turns women in to sex kittens. Can this article be even remotely true? Or is this some hillarious hoax?


Insecure “Secure” Passports

If you need a passport, get it now, before the new “insecure” passports become available.