Tax Reform? Hardly…

I just read this great line describing tax reform (vs tax cuts) in HBR

The idea of tax reform is to try to avoid these broader political and philosophical conflicts. Tax reform advocates start with a framework in which the amount of tax revenue raised and the distribution of tax burdens are held roughly constant. This does not suggest that the current levels of revenue and the tax burden distribution are necessarily optimal, but does suggest a willingness to work within the larger parameters established by the political system.

Tax reformers focus on improving how we raise a given level of revenue. They seek reforms that treat people more fairly by imposing the same tax burdens on people with equal ability to pay taxes, by reducing distortions that cause businesses and households to make inefficient decisions, and by making it as easy as possible for taxpayers to comply with tax law and for the IRS to administer it.

I nearly laughed out loud reading it.  If this is what tax reform is supposed to be, Republicans and Trump have ZERO interest in tax reform.  Their primary consideration is how much money they can such out of everyone else to redistribute to those who are already absurdly rich.