3-2-1 Contact!

I’ve been trying the contacts (really, just “contact”, since I only need one for my left eye), and here’s the rundown.

Thursday (doctor visit) -worn

Friday – worn

Saturday – worn them with lots of frustration getting them in

Sunday – not worn

Monday – not worn; gave up

Tuesday – not worn; gave up

Wednesday – not worn

Thursday – not worn until doctor’s visit to check up on progress

Honestly, I love them once they’re in, but what a pain trying to get that little piece of plastic in my eye.


Getting Married

I’ve been exceptionally quiet, blog-wise, over the past few months.  And for a pretty good reason.  At the end of October, I proposed to my friend of several years and girlfriend of around a year and a half… and she said “yes!”.  November and December were hectic, with the holidays, the congratulations, and getting the wedding planning off the ground. And, of course, it grows and grows.

We’re really, really excited about it, though!  Having set the date for June 13, 2009, just ensures that we’ll have plenty to keep us busy between now and then.