Canonball Run

The Sunday night drive home from Philly is often a dull affair.  Tired, worn out, and dreading the start of another week, I drive the 52 miles.

In order to make it more interesting, I’ve been prone to racing my own “Canonball Run” against the clock, trying to get home as quickly as possible.  This past Sunday I’ve posted by best time, 60 minutes, a mark that I’d come close to hitting but usually missed by 1 to 4 minutes.

Why the big deal?  Well, from Google Maps the route should take about 90 minutes.  Only about half the trip is on highway, and the speed limit there is 55 miles per hour for all but four miles.


Moving Day

Most of the boxes are packed and moved.  The book cases and closets are empty.  Little by little moving day is coming.  After almost seven years in my apartment, it is almost time to leave.

Next Thursday I become a Philadelphia resident.  It has been a great run living in central NJ, with so much going on in the area.   But it’s time for a change, time to learn something new.  So my belongings will move in with my fiancee, with me to follow soon thereafter.

Now all we have to do is sort out who gets which spaces and who gets to hang what on the walls.