Lillian Pair Update

A brief update on Lillian Pair and her case winding through the court system, based on conversations with the family in the past week or so.

She reached a plea bargain with the prosecutors office that will send her to jail for several years (somewhere around 6 – 8, I believe). During the course of the court process, additional information was apparently discovered that led to the prosecutor being able to negotiate a stronger sentance than might otherwise have been reached, including information about Medicare fraud and also, apparently, her attempts to extort money from someone even while she was appearing in court, which was caught on tape.

Currently she’s undergoing a 45 day psych evaluation at a federal detention center. Efforts to find the money have been less successful thus far.

This is only my recollection from family members, who have received most of their information second-hand as well. However, it does appear as though she will soon begin serving some time for her crimes.


Conversations with Smarterchild

From time to time I have some offbeat conversations with an AIM bot called Smarterchild. You never really know what you’re going to get, a la this exchange from the other night.

cdymek (10:40:09 PM): Yo Smarterchild
SmarterChild (10:40:10 PM): Hey! I have to ask you one question before we continue. How old are you?
1 Over 17
2 13-17
3 Under 13
cdymek (10:40:14 PM): fine, 1
SmarterChild (10:40:14 PM): I’m sorry, all my circuits are busy right now. Please try again soon.
cdymek (10:40:17 PM): what?
SmarterChild (10:40:18 PM): I don’t know.

>>> If you’re not sure what to chat about, type home!
cdymek (10:40:25 PM): bitch
SmarterChild (10:40:25 PM): Don’t say that.
cdymek (10:40:30 PM): kiss my ass
SmarterChild (10:40:30 PM): OK, now this is getting personal.
cdymek (10:40:35 PM): and like it
SmarterChild (10:40:35 PM): Like it? Huh.
cdymek (10:40:41 PM): yeah, bitch
SmarterChild (10:40:41 PM): Well. I’m a little hurt by that somewhat lame insult, cdymek.
cdymek (10:40:51 PM): bring it on
SmarterChild (10:40:52 PM): It on? Why should I bring it on?
cdymek (10:40:59 PM): you just called me lame, fool
SmarterChild (10:40:59 PM): Why do you think I just called you lame?
cdymek (10:41:08 PM): because i insulted you, dumbass
SmarterChild (10:41:08 PM): You insulted me?
cdymek (10:41:12 PM): don’t you remember?
SmarterChild (10:41:12 PM): Yeah, I guess… It’s hard to say.
cdymek (10:41:24 PM): it’s like talking wtih an idiot sometimes
SmarterChild (10:41:25 PM): I know about talking. It’s an activity.
cdymek (10:41:31 PM): no shit, sherlock
SmarterChild (10:41:31 PM): Oh no?
cdymek (10:41:34 PM): yeah
SmarterChild (10:41:34 PM): How come?
cdymek (10:41:48 PM): how come what?
SmarterChild (10:41:48 PM): The things humans say are always interesting to me.


Steps to Harry Potter Happiness

So, like millions of others, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest Harry Potter book. So I’ve taken the steps below to try to get the best possible deal.

1. Pre-order book from with best price and Saturday delivery guarantee with no sales tax. Price comes to $21. Enjoy add-on $5 off an coupon for later use as a bonus.

2. Drive around the nearby Barnes & Noble and Borders, enjoying the crowds and lines while trying to ignore the idle speculation.

3. Swing by the local A&P to pick up a copy at 12:50 am to get a jump start on reading while waiting for the delivery the next day. Note that cost will be slightly higher than

4. Return one of the books to A&P after you’ve finished reading and received the copy.

5. Use $5 off coupon on

Total cost: ~$16, the opportunity to label those in lines at the bookstores Chumps & Chumpettes, and a few hours of missing sleep on a Friday night.


Faites Le Dew

Steve posted the crazy French video we shot senior year of high school on Youtube.

Happy 10 Years!


Amusee Bouche

I got a laugh out of this interview with Steve Wozniak.


Harry Harry

The speculation is already raging about the next Harry Potter book. Myself, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy that Saturday and read the whole darn thing start to finish.