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Beware the Shiny Flying Beast

A plane in Brazil was able to capture photos of one of Brazil’s uncontacted indigenous tribes. It is hard to fathom what their experience must be relative to life in “modern society”.

Courtesy of Tym


Washed Out

Our attempts to see the pirates today ended in a wash out after strong thunderstorms rolled through the area. Way to go nature.

Though the group running the show was good enough to give us complimentary passes to come back another day this season.


Off to see the Pirates

Dave, Nicole, Sonia, Erica and I are off to see the Pirates in the morning. Pictures will, of course, follow.

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More From the Japan Files

How would you like Tama to be your boss?

Note the interesting cultural reference as well – Tama is “the highest-ranking female at the Wakayama Electric Railway Co.”.


MacBook on the Way!

I did it. I bit the bullet and order a MacBook. After a few months of recognizing that I need a new laptop, combined with some financial number crunching and analysis, I’ve settled on the 13.3″ Macbook. Now I get to enjoy that sense of anticipation while I wait for the big box to appear on my doorstep.


Back to Work

There’s nothing like coming back in to the office after a few days off to be greeted with over 250 emails. And with our handy dandy e-mail capacity restriction that blocks us from sending e-mail if we have too much already accumulated in our mailbox, it will take until the end of the day before I can reply to anything.

Welcome back.

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PC or Mac (continued)?

Bryan and I had an e-mail exchange last week on the topic of whether I should get a PC or a Mac as my next laptop. Here’s a brief summary of what I learned.

  • Macs work well “straight out of the box”
  • Macs handle video / DVD editing without adding any software
  • Friends of Bryan attest to Parallels runs Windows better on a Mac than Windows on a PC
  • I can still sync up Smartphones like the Blackberry courtesy of 3rd party software
  • MS Office runs fairly well on Macs
  • I also get the use of TextEdit, iTunes, iMovie and Quicktime with Perian
  • JBuilder, myEclipse, and mySQL are also available
  • My printer (HP PhotoSmart 3210) is compatible
  • My Maxtor Shared Storage drive is compatible as well
  • BookEndz does make a MacBook “docking station”

Looks like I’m going to have a tough decision on my hands soon (very soon, given my keyboard is starting to break).

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Now With Photos

Finally! On top of making WordPress work in under an hour (take that, Movable Type!), I’ve also got a Photo Gallery working too! Sure, it needed a few minor script fixes, but it only took about an hour to figure that out compared to four weeks of failure with Movable Type. I’ll post an update soon once I finish updating all my recent photos.

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End of Movable Type

And so ends the Movable Type experience. I’ll be trying another platform, now at The RSS feed has change as well.

So far, the new new site is up and running. Hopefully it will stay that way. There may be a few “flukes” in the system right now, like permissions errors, but overall it’s just as good as Movable Type with, I hope, more stability.

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And Now to Try Blog It Again

After all the difficulty of the past week, it would be interesting to find that Six Apart’s Blog It works better with WordPress than Movable Type.