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PC or Mac (continued)?

Bryan and I had an e-mail exchange last week on the topic of whether I should get a PC or a Mac as my next laptop. Here’s a brief summary of what I learned.

  • Macs work well “straight out of the box”
  • Macs handle video / DVD editing without adding any software
  • Friends of Bryan attest to Parallels runs Windows better on a Mac than Windows on a PC
  • I can still sync up Smartphones like the Blackberry courtesy of 3rd party software
  • MS Office runs fairly well on Macs
  • I also get the use of TextEdit, iTunes, iMovie and Quicktime with Perian
  • JBuilder, myEclipse, and mySQL are also available
  • My printer (HP PhotoSmart 3210) is compatible
  • My Maxtor Shared Storage drive is compatible as well
  • BookEndz does make a MacBook “docking station”

Looks like I’m going to have a tough decision on my hands soon (very soon, given my keyboard is starting to break).

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