I Hate Steven Singer

Every time I travel down to Philly, I see the “I Hate Steven Singer” billboard on I95. Now I finally know what this is all about.

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yeah who the heck is Steven Singer? Saw it last night as i was
returning home from a vaction and going through
Filth- A- Delphia on 95.

so who is steven singer i was traveling back home this morning from my boyfriends house and saw the sign as well….i am slightly perplexed by this and need to know now why this hatred for a strange man named steven singer

there is a steven singer jeweler billboard on the opposite side ofthe highway. there is some kind of award for him on a billboard too.

i just wanted to say that i saw the “i hate steven singer” billboard on the side on i95 one day on the way home from camp lejeune. i dont know who he is but from what i have read i hate him. im glad i got to find out about steven singer and why we all hate him

Steven Singer ? Should he be really hated or the person in charge of putting up the Bill Board? MEDIA is to blame and a marketing pratice to sell is cheap. Take down and replace with real truth that matters.

Haha this is awesome. I’m on my band trip and we saw the ad. We were like “wtf” so I thought I would look into it on this effing 18 hour bus ride. It’s nice to finally know why we hate Steven Singer.

Haha this is awesome. I’m on my band trip and we saw the ad. We were like “wtf” so I thought I would look into it on this effing 18 hour bus ride. It’s nice to finally know why we hate Steven Singer.

Steve Singer is a theif, trying to buy th public with his promotions. Go there and you’ll see. They serve beer and try to sucker you into paying crazy prices for crap jewelry. Howard, you should be ashamed! Never thought you were a bitch for hire!

The sign is part of Steven Singer Jewelers new ad campaign. Inspiration came from local voice actor Dennis Steele, whose vocals have sold everything from Wawa to the Pennsylvania Lottery. As the story goes, Steele bought a ring from the jewelers for his wife of 23 years. The rock was extremely well received. Nine months later the Steele family included a baby girl. Steele dropped by the shop to share his success story and blame Steven Singer for all the sleepless nights associated with a baby. Singer took the backhanded compliment and made it the focal point of the new reverse-psychology ad campaign. “Children’s ‘I HATE STEVEN SINGER’ T-shirts will be given out in the store beginning in April,” says Laurel Fairworth, a spokesperson for the jeweler. The marketing plans also include another billboard on I-95 north at Pattison Avenue. ”

Don’t bother stepping into this place. They are very gimmicky and don’t care at all about what the customer wants. I dared to go to steven singer’s twice and both times had the same experience with different sales representatives. I had a clear idea of what I wanted both times and just wanted to browse through their selection. First you end up being tossed around to different sales reps so you get confused about who is really helping you. Then they ask how they can help you. Before you are even halfway done talking the guy just leaves you standing there while he goes to find stuff to show you. The stuff he brings back isn’t even remotely what you had been describing but he’ll try to convince you it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. Basically they don’t care about helping you find what you want. They are all about trying to sell you something you don’t want for more money. When they get tired of arguing with you, they just abruptly put away the pieces you are NOT done looking at and dimiss you from the store and make you feel stupid. All in all, the customer service is atrocious, the quality/workmanship of the jewelry is low to average at best, and the prices are WAY too high. NOT WORTH IT.

A fucking gimmick. Trick people in looking at their site just to get you to buy expensive jewelry you can’t afford. Fuck them

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