Moving Day

Most of the boxes are packed and moved.  The book cases and closets are empty.  Little by little moving day is coming.  After almost seven years in my apartment, it is almost time to leave.

Next Thursday I become a Philadelphia resident.  It has been a great run living in central NJ, with so much going on in the area.   But it’s time for a change, time to learn something new.  So my belongings will move in with my fiancee, with me to follow soon thereafter.

Now all we have to do is sort out who gets which spaces and who gets to hang what on the walls.

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17 Weeks

CB and I were working some wedding-related topics this weekend when she brought up that the wedding was only four months away.  Four months! Bah! Plenty of time.

Then she said 16 weeks (it’s actually 17), and the panic set in.

It’s amazing how quickly time flies.


Getting Married

I’ve been exceptionally quiet, blog-wise, over the past few months.  And for a pretty good reason.  At the end of October, I proposed to my friend of several years and girlfriend of around a year and a half… and she said “yes!”.  November and December were hectic, with the holidays, the congratulations, and getting the wedding planning off the ground. And, of course, it grows and grows.

We’re really, really excited about it, though!  Having set the date for June 13, 2009, just ensures that we’ll have plenty to keep us busy between now and then.