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17 Weeks

CB and I were working some wedding-related topics this weekend when she brought up that the wedding was only four months away.  Four months! Bah! Plenty of time.

Then she said 16 weeks (it’s actually 17), and the panic set in.

It’s amazing how quickly time flies.


Missing a Day

I was glancing over at the calendar, confirming that Wednesday is July 30, when I notice something odd. July only has 30 days. Trying to confirm my suspicion that July actually has 31 days, I checked August to see when it started. Friday, August 1st. So apparently according to my calendar Thursday doesn’t really exist.

Looks like I can just slide from my “over-the-hump” day right in to the weekend this week.


Question of the Week

The other day I was thinking in the shower (not an uncommon occurrence) and an idea occurred to me. Is there a smallest discrete unit of time? Not of measurable time, but is the space between one second and another infinite like the number line? Or is there a smallest unit of time that exists?