A Year of Verizon

I’ve tweeted a fair bit about my troubles with Verizon and Verizon Wireless.  With the latest snafu, I thought I’d recap our year of troubles.

January 2009 – Wife and I decide to combine to a family plan and order new phones.  Her phone is lost in the shipping process and takes an extra five days to arrive.

February 2009 – Wife receives a bill from Verizon Wireless after she paid her final account balance for an additional sum of money.  When asked, Verizon Wireless cannot explain what the charges are for and “override” them in their system.

February 2009 – Wife’s new phone dies.  Replacement is sent.

March 2009 – Verizon Wireless credits us $50 on our bill for no reason.  When called about it, they offer no explanation and say not to worry about it.  A week later (after our auto payment runs), they receive the charge and turn off our account.

Summer 2009 – Squirrels chew through landline.  After complaining about static on the phone, the line is replaced.

Summer 2009 – We move to a “double-play” Internet and phone service option.  I call with two questions – are we eligible for the signup “reward” and can someone set up our line for Internet voicemail.  Two hours and nine transfers later, someone says they can, in fact, set up the voicemail.

February 2010 – Phone line is dead (no phone and Internet) for 6 days during the first of the two February blizzards in Philly.

February 2010 – After fixing the line, service is now disrupted every time it rains.  Phone quality degrades and Internet service is unstable.