Letter to the Rutgers Board of Governors & Board of Trustees

Here is my letter to the RU BoG and BoT regarding Tim Pernetti and the athletic department’s “current scandal”. This was written on my phone, so please excuse the typos.

I am writing to you first and foremost to urge you to do the right thing, not theost expedient, with regards to our University’s current situation regarding our athletic department and men’s basketball program.

It is with great regret that our University is today being so negatively portrayed in the media without regards to the actual facts and feelings of those most involved. While we hear a multitude of opinions from outsiders, we on the outside do not know the right and wrong of what has transpired. Our media presents characters as heroes and villains, not the true, complex, and mistake-prone individuals that they are.

I believe Tim Pernetti to be a true Rutgers man of character who has worked incredibly hard to continue building the athletic department in the right direction and I wholly support him in his position. If you find it the correct decision to remove Tim Pernetti, then so be it. I only ask that you do so because of a grievious error he committed and not ad a craven response to the protests of outsiders who neither care nor truly support this great University.

Thank you,
Christoper M. Dymek, RC ’01

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