HP Software Sucks

HP Software sucks. Sucks Sucks Sucks! I spent several hours today attempting to set up my new printer. The first fifteen minutes went by with a breeze, unplugging the old printer, plugging in the new, and testing out the nifty copy feature. Then came the dreaded HP Software install. I dropped in the CD and […]

HP Software sucks.

Sucks Sucks Sucks!

I spent several hours today attempting to set up my new printer. The first fifteen minutes went by with a breeze, unplugging the old printer, plugging in the new, and testing out the nifty copy feature.

Then came the dreaded HP Software install. I dropped in the CD and let the process begin.

First I was presented with a choice of an extremely bloated install (~400 mb of data) or a wildly ridiculously bloated install (1.2 gb! Seriously, wtf?!). I opted for the smaller install, which then kicked off the installation of a crapload of useless, buggy HP software, all completely unrelated to actually configuring the printer.

Finally as the install nears completion, the installer decides the computer needs to be rebooted. I go for it, figuring what else is new? The computer reboots, I log on, and the software picks up.

The Windows gives me a great message saying that it has detected some unauthorized activity. On top of installing more crappy, buggy software than even moderately necessary, the fundamental software required to make the whole shebang work actually accesses Windows in an authorized fashion? What kind of crappy programmers work at this company?

Having demonstrated that before the software was released no one at HP actually attempted to install it on a Windows XP computer, I step through a few more screens of the install wizard, give up on the harrassment for my registration info, and attempt to use the printer.

Whoops, the printer is now permanently stuck at offline. That big, fat HP software can scan (nifty), but as a printer it’s a total failure. Go freakin’ figure.

I poke about, trying to reinstall the key software or to re-add the printer. Nothing doing.

I read the HP website, and their great advice is to uninstall and then re-install the whole software package. Great, that’s how I want to spend another hour. And why the hell would it work the second time if it didn’t work the first?

I downloaded the corporate drivers, installed those, and success! I can print.

So I try launching one of those bloatware programs that are supposed to control the printer. It does some “re-configuring”, insists on rebooting, and then doesn’t find the printer nor can I print anymore. Totally useless.

Now I’ve removed all the bloatware (except HP Image Zone Express, which refuses to provide any method to uninstall). I’ve removed and reinstalled the corporate versions of the drivers. The printer works again.

Now to see if it will still work after a reboot.

Nice work, HP programmers. You get a C for Craptastic.

Update: I did get the corporate edition drivers to work, but I had to manually configure some steps after I rebooted the machine. And there’s still no way to remove Image Zone Express. Seriously, HP, you clearly haven’t laid off the right people.

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Yes, it works – it replaces the first piece of HP crap with something that uninstalls and also the HP update itself. I uninstalled the replacement crap first and then the update, and my computer is now free of unsolicited HP bloatware.

Hope this helps!

‘HP printware is and has been bad for years. Unbelievably large, bloated, buggy, generally worthless. The full version is several hundred megs. Also causes svchost.exe. error, so I install when I have a must-do print job, then uninstall. Also, you may not know it, but if you take your crap HP product overseas, the cartidges there will not work. This is because of an HP-imposed ‘regionalization’ scheme, which they say is to be responsive to local customers, but really means a way to prevent arbitrage between competitive cartridge prices in the US and very high (and assumedly profitable) prices in Europe, where I recently paid $75 for a dual pack of B&W and color. After arguing with them for a few weeks, and after they tried to charge me for the privelage (of maining their own product functionsl) they finally gave up an elaborate set of instructions and hidden codes that allowed the printer to print. I’ve said it before, but this time I mena it I will never buy another HP product again. The only thinh they’ve ever made that’s worth keeping are the old RPN calculators.

Bought the new L7780 Officejet, nightmare on Elm Street had better reviews. First one I had I called HP tech about the wireless configuration wizard and how it causes the unit to crash/lock up. Their suggestion,”Box it all up and either take it back or we’ll send you another one”. I boxed it all up twice, had three different units and they all did the same thing. HP suggested it was probably my computer. Of course they would! I went around to several of the stores in the greater triad area and low and behold they were all having problems too. After countless attempts of configuring the unit through the interface on the printer, I manually entered the info and whalla, it worked, then after playing around with the so called Solution Center, come to find out you can enter the info there too, through your browser. Yet the HP techies would never elaborate on such. Not to mention they finally admitted to having problems with the units locking up when using the configuration wizard!!
Then comes the issues concerning the different photo imaging softwares. Photosmart Essential 1.9 comes with the install package, and works. Keep it!! When HP update suggests updating to 1.12, I said, why not, so off I go clicking the update and then I find 1.12 doesn’t work, then HP suggest updating to 2.5 and then the card reader becomes disabled because the imaging drive is no longer available.
Hate to sound too harsh on the guys, but I think a overhaul is needed. Where is the FTC when you need them? HP, hear what I’m saying, either get your heads out of your asses or someone is liable to put a boot up yours!! Go CANON!!

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