The Worst

I’ve heard this line a lot. That Saddam Hussein was “one of the worse tyrants of the twentieth century”. I’m just curious, for anyone out there with a knowledge of modern world history. Who would you rank as the top 10 tyrants of the 20th century?

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My votes:

01 Hitler – the Holocaust and WWII: we have a winner.
02 Stalin – responsible for 20-40 million deaths in Russia.
03 Mao Zedong – the Cultural Revolution alone damns him.
04 Hideki Tojo – Hirohito gets unfairly blamed for this guy’s psychosis.
05 Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge leadership – gave us the Cambodian genocide
06 Benito Mussolini – the man who gave us Fascism.
07 Kim Il-Sung/Kim Jong-Il – the nutcases who’ve given us the Korean war and nuclear threats for six decades.
08 Jean Kambanda (Rwandan PM during the ’94 genocide) – when you go on the radio and tell your countrymen to take up machetes and hack a million people to death, you’re pretty bad.
09 Terrorist leaders (Al-Qaeda, Janjaweed, IRA, etc) – and they’d love to make a rapid climb up this list.
10 Saddam Hussein – killed and tortured an amazing amount of people in his 20-plus-year reign.
11 Idi Amin – Killed half a million in Uganda in the ’70s, and had a special fondness for cutting off penises to disarm Ugandan nomads. Also a swimmer and a boxer, making him the only triple-threat tyrant.
12 Gaddafi – not that it makes up for Lockerbie or his arms dealings or anything else, he’s at least softened his stance to the rest of the world lately.

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