Duck Tales

I’ve been humming the theme song to Duck Tales, part of the old Disney Afternoon programming block from the late 80s-early 90s, off and on for several weeks now. So today before I left I gave in to the urge to search for a download of theme song.

And, damn, it craked me up to hear it. It’s been YEARS since I’ve listened to this stuff. And how could anyone forgot that classic Duck Tales video game for the NES? So far I’ve tracked down Gummi Bears, Chip N’ Dales Rescue Rangers (I knew about the “other” meaning even back then), Darkwing Duck, and Gargoyles. Tale Spin appears to be a real challenge to find.

And for those who care, Gargoyles is available on DVD. I was surprised and will likely pick up a copy. Arthurian legend mixed with the Illuminati and other cults and myths in this surprising “children’s” show.

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Yahoo!!! return of childhood flash back. I’ll have to pick up a DVD or find a download on line for my two foster kids. Those shows were awesome. Much better than what they have on today

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