Bracket Watch

So the first day of Sweet 16 games wrapped up, and I just checked in on the brackets. The wheat is finally being separated from the chaff in the pool, with several people falling down hard over the Gonzaga, West Virginia, and Duke loses. Crazily enough, I apparently changed things up at the last minute before the tourney started, picking UCLA to be in the championship game after beating Duke in the Final Four game. I didn’t even realize this until after the ridiculous comeback to beat Gonzaga.

Good stuff – I love this time of year.

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Man, as much as I was pleased at Duke’s loss to LSU, I couldn’t freakin’ believe Gonzaga’s choke job in the second half.

At least I can take comfort in being the only guy to pick ‘Nova to win it all in your pool. I’m one of probably four or five picking ‘Nova in my work pool, which means I gotta get the championship game totally correct to stand a real chance at winning.

Yeah, the pool I had suffered from a pretty distinct anti-Nova bias. And an equally heavy pro-UConn bias, for that matter. I need UCLA to win at least one more for me to be in good shape, or so I’ve been told.

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