Homeward Bound

Even before I left for the airport, I knew my flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles was delayed by an hour and a half. I checked Northwest’s website, looking for the minimum connect times. With my flight from Los Angeles leaving at 10:15, and my Tokyo flight scheduled to arrive at 9:25, was I going to clear customs, immigration and security in time to make my flight.

When I checked in at the counter, I asked the friendly agent what she thought. She checked some things in the system, looking for options that would get me to Newark without too much difficulty. In the end, the only option that worked was Continental’s nonstop. A few phone calls, some printouts, additional phone calls, and some stamps, and I was on my way to the other terminal to check in for a new flight that would bring me home 4 hours earlier than scheduled.

Thank you, Makiko.

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