Mad, Mad Media

This week’s BusinessWeek editorial is on the frightening topic of media consolidation and how a handful of large oligoplies control most of what people read, see, and hear. Though the web has provided an outlet for independent publishing (lots of frantic hand-waving here!), a handful of large corporations also control what people see on the web. And, in truth, many of these sites are owned by the same media conglomerates who dominate the movie, music, print and television industries. Merely adding a new distribution channel doesn’t guarantee diversity of opinion if it is dominated by the same players as all the other channels.

Broadcast networks and the conglomerates that own them say nothing less than free TV is at stake in the FCC’s decision. They argue that cable is drawing away their audiences and cutting into revenues. Buying more TV and radio stations and newspapers would pump up profits and save free TV.

It would certainly pump up their profits. And all that would be left of “free TV” would be NABCS and FOX. Oh, and who could forget UPN 9?

The FCC should listen to the voice of the people.

Now what station are they on…? I can’t seem to get any reception…

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