NTRA Responds to the Eight Belles Incident

I had an e-mail with a link to a blog by the president of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA).  What I love most are some of the comments.

I know nothing about hores except I love to watch them run, grazing in
the pasture, their special smell, their powerfull look, and sounds,
touch them, look at them straight in the eye to eye and wonder what
they must be thinking. I would wounder about their bone structure and
what changes have come about through breeding.

Really?  Why are you bothering to leave a comment at all?

I have one more comment in regards to the kentucky derby fatality. Like
i staed earlier in my comment fatalities are a big part of racing. If
you don’t have the heart of racing in your blood then i say to you stay
the hell out of this sport, these horses have more courage than many of
you trying to ruin this sport. I dont’ know how the fatalities are in
europe and other countries who race only on turf, but maybe we should
look into it to see if we can cut down on these injuries by by going
all turf also and no distance farther than one and one quarter miles so
horses don’t have to go so fast to the first turn. As i stated earlier
if you can’t stand the heat stay out out the track.greedy owners are
the worst only stupid ones run against colts.If you people keep trying
to change this sport you will only ruin it like the gov is ruinnig the
good old usa.

Because, yes, as we all know, trying to make sure the horses don’t have to be euthanized on the track is a terrible thing.  It’s not a serious race until someone has to be put down. 

I love how the Innernet just brings out the best in everyone.