Japanese Cell Phone Laments Go Global

Barring the guy from Gartner Japan in this NY Times article, everyone wants a cool Japanese cell phone.  Even the folks at NPR’s On the Media did a story earlier this year.

And why not?  On some of my trips to Japan I saw color screens, text messaging, and camera phones years before they ever appeared in the US.  Despite Apple’s attempts to be the uber-cool phone of the moment, Japan’s phones are still the best representation of a digital pocket-knife.

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Podcast Recommendations

Having recently moved, my commute has now increased from an easy 25 minutes to about 65 – 70 on a day without too much traffic.  With the increase in commuting time, my iPod is now getting a workout, but my music library can’t keep up.  So I’m looking for Podcast recommendations.

Currently I listen to NPR’s On the Media regularly and BBC Radio4’s In Our Time (sometimes).  However, those alone aren’t enough to cover the whole ride.  Can anyone recommend any morning news programs (e.g. NPR Morning Edition) and any interesting music podcasts for the ride home?


I’m a Twit

Yes, I gave in and decided to try out twitter.  You can find me at  Too many NPR stories about twitter revolutions made me give in.