Save Duke Gardens

I received this e-mail on Tuesday.


I’m sending you this email because you are one of over 200 New Jersey residents who contacted Governor Corzine via in the last 2 weeks.(An additional 160 out-of-state residents also mailed!). Governor Corzine’s staff has access to that email account and a Community Relations staffer is working on the matter.

You may not know that the Display Gardens are still intact – their new owner the Duke Farms Foundation is holding a company picnic there this weekend (!), then the gutting will begin.

So many of you bitterly oppose this closure, and we are constantly trying ways to get your voices heard. Nonetheless, the media has provided little awareness of the destruction of these Historic Public Gardens. Here’s the latest way to try and bring pressure:

A Public Meeting at Duke Farms on Saturday June 14th, 1-3 pm. A flyer with full details is attached for you to share.

The ‘Jersey Jug handle’ at Duke Farms gate is large (>1/4 acre), prominent for waving at friendly cars, pleasant (lawn and flowerbeds) and the police have told us we are free to gather there. Parking is available just 400 yards away, and the weather is supposed to be lovely. Bring a lawn chair, bring a protest sign, bring your friends and kids who won’t run into traffic – have to leave mine at Scout camp or she’d be there!

This Meeting will be announced to all media, and we hope will generate both press and TV coverage. Please wear or accessorize something YELLOW to provide good TV.

You know this is New Jersey’s last chance to save something unique. Some have worked day and night on this cause, voluntarily reading tax documents and filing IRS forms!! Imagine!!

Even if you can only come for an hour, please only reply to say you are coming!

Petra Ross-Macdonald (runs
Ruth Schrey (gathered >1900 signature petition

CB and I visited the Indoor Display Gardens at Duke Gardens on May 21st for the first time, just a few days before they were to be closed forever. We had an amazing time for about an hour and a half wandering through seeing various gardens reflecting periods through time and locale. I wish the group the best of luck and urge those who have and those who would like to have an opportunity to see the Indoor Display Gardens one day send an e-mail via Unfortunately there remain only a few days before the demolish begins, destroying the gardens forever.

I will post my photos at a later time.