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My Big East Rankings – Week 2

Week 2 brought some separation among the schools.  Here are my thoughts on week 2.

1.  USF – 2 wins back to back, and no hesitation in beating Ball State.

2.  West Virginia – Losing 12 – 10 to Norfolk State at the half disqualifies you for the top spot, even if you eventually win 55-12.

3.  Pittsburgh – Struggled to hold off Maine, but still managed to win.

4.  Syracuse – Fought off Rhode Island, but again, a win is a win.

5.  Rutgers – Defense – check.  Special Teams – check.  If Rutgers finds a running game, they can still do really well this season.

6.  UConn – Rutgers may not have a run game, but UConn doesn’t have an offense.

7.  Cincinnati – You have to be in it to win it.  Cincinnati was never in it with Tennessee.

8.  Louisville – Nice job giving FIU their first win ever over an AQ school.  The score makes this game look closer than it was.

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