The Olypmics

Okay, I’ll admit it. Some of the events barely qualify as “sports” (badmiton, I’m looking at you). The parade of nations can be hokey, and the quality of coverage is usually poor (queue 3 minutes of actual event footage with 15 minute profiler of teenager from Utah who spent whole life leading up to this moment), but I’m a sucker for the Olypmics. The whole affair usually fascinates me, reminding me in another way that we really do live in a highly interconnected way. The spectacle is often entertaining, and I’ll lament the fact that I’m not able to go this year like I’ve always wanted to.

Of course, I’ve read the background articles, too. On protest restrictions in China. Or air quality. And the pyrotechnics.

Even so, I can assure you my TiVo will be recording away over the next two weeks.

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