Out of Touch

A statement like the following in an article by an oversight or management group is like a bright flashing sign saying “out of touch”.

Gamper said he was surprised at all the attention this decision has received.

“This whole subject matter amazes me that it would get so much publicity and notoriety,” he said. Gamper said the population affected by these cuts is relatively small. The total student population on the New Brunswick campus is approximately 30,000 as of fall 2005, and those affected by the six sport teams being cut amount to 115, according to a statement prepared by the University.

Had Rutgers gone through a thorough evaluation, solicited some input, or otherwise had a semi-transparent look at whether to eliminate the six sports that are currently on the way out, I doubt that there would have been an extended discussion on the matter. It was the backdoor, underhanded nature by which the Athletic Director went about having the sports cut, and the Board of Governors complicity in the matter, that has fueled the ongoing debate about whether to cut them. It has nothing to do with the number of students involved in the sports. Even people who would otherwise give the benefit of the doubt to the AD are unhappy, simply because of how the decision was made.

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