Big Itch for the Big Ditch

I’m back from the Valley of the Sun, and Lord knows why. Who would trade sunny, warm weather for the Autumn doldrums that greeted me when I finally made it home last night, sometime after midnight, thanks only in small part to the East Coast rain?

Still, the trip wasn’t ALL gooseberries and golden fun. After all, I did have to drive around in Arizona, where the drivers can’t keep up with the speed limit and randomly stop or swerve in to other lanes of traffic. And while this can be generally regarded as true anywhere in the state, nowhere was this more true than at the Grand Canyon. Who needs to go 15 mph BELOW the speed limit to stare at the trees? I can’t tell you how many times I found myself yelling at the cars in front of me to get up and DRIVE so we can actually get to something worth seeing.

Which is how I ended up taking to calling the Grand Canyon the Big Ditch. Easier to make up rhymes with a name like that, not all of them friendly.

But if driving up to the Grand Canyon was a trip in more ways than one, by far my favorite accomplishment was my Tuesday morning drive from Sedona to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. I traveled 111 miles in 90 minutes, bad drivers be damned.

I’ll leave the math to the rest of you.

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You average less than 75 and I’m supposed to be impressed? Man, you’ve fallen a long way from that Rutgers-to-Flemington run that we did in about 20 minutes.

Yeah, those were the days… This was day time, after all. The traffic about 10 miles outside Phoenix really slowed me down. 🙂

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