TiVo Jerks

So, I’m all excited to place my TiVo order. I get online Tuesday around 7:30 am, place the order, even opt for 2 day shipping in order to get it by Friday. The order is processed by around 11 am.

And then, nothing.

No e-mail with a shipping update.

No tracking number.

So I check the website. Where it says the box should ship within 24 to 48 hours. And to call if it has been more than 3 business days.

I take their advice and call. Wade through the mindless voice recognition prompts. Wait on hold for a half hour.

All to be told it hasn’t shipped yet.


One reply on “TiVo Jerks”

So, yeah, it had already arrived at work Thursday morning BEFORE I ever called. Still, the fact that their phone staff didn’t even know it shipped seems both disturbing and ripe for abuse.

Anyone else want a spare TiVo?

Just kidding.

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