In searching out some writeups on the Rutgers win yesterday (where are you, Star Ledger? Rutgers goes 3-0 on homecoming for the first time in 25 years and you have NO coverage? Are we too good for you now?), I stumbled on this gem of an article about doping in sports.

So forgive me if I don’t get it. If “everyone” is doing it, then what difference does it really make? Why the obsession? What makes it so different than the expensive wind-tunnel conditioning, the expensive practice equipment, the relentless pursuit of the latest technology and design innovations in equipment? Granted, athletes run a personal health risk by engaging in doping, but isn’t that their choice to make? After all, don’t they already engage in a significant personal health risk simply by choosing for their profession a world where physical competition rules? So long as the capability within the playing field is relatively level, who cares?

And back to Rutgers. Watching the defense and special teams on the field, you get the vibe they’re working their way up to becoming scary good. Overall they’re head and shoulders above last year, and last year’s defense wasn’t half bad. Once the offense gets it together this will be one of the best Rutgers teams in a long time.

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