What the hell, if even William Gibson refers to it on his blog, I have to jump on the bandwagon too. First, for the few who haven’t heard, just go read this.

Second, if you want to watch a clip, just click play.

Which brings me to my theory of Being-Taken-In-By-A-Hoax. The early adopters who first propelled the starlet, whether she be real or fake, are the most likely to be reactionary and displeased at having been so conveniently conned (should this be fake) and thus be the most vocal. The second tier, which includes myself, are those who join in while the “scam” is in the midst of “being revealed”, and go in with a skeptical eye to the whole enterprise, primarily enjoying the fun without necessarily believing it to be true. The final cohort include all those who hear about the ordeal only after the truth or falsehood is revealed and the whole thing has blown over.

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