Rutgers Roundup

I’m back from Oregon, catching up on my RSS feeds, when I stumble on a few interesting articles. For those who went to Rutgers, anyway.

In the areas of Parking and Transportation, the most notable story is that parking permits may soon cost students $120/year. Hard to believe they were only around $30 when I was there five years ago. Pothole repairs are also underway, finally. Although I notice construction crews have been able to get away with some really crappy patch jobs throughout central NJ these days. And finally, the end of George Street where traffic exiting Route 18 to enter downtown New Brunswick when coming from Busch/Livingston may be turned in to a traffic circle. My confusion aboutw traffic circles continue, since for a time so much planning has gone in to eliminating them from busy areas. Going through a $1.5 million effort to put one in seems bizarre to me.

The gigantic reorgnization of undergraduate education in New Brunswick is underway. Beginning in 2007, incoming students will be able to select a residence hall on any campus. How many people will be dumped on Livingston against their will once this begins? The Livingston Theatre Company has nothing to worry about, though, with other groups fighting for a spot on Livingston once the various extracurricular groups are reorganized in to single entities. Seriously, who actually WANTS to spend any more time on Livingston than they have to?

Just kidding, Livingston folks. We love you, too.

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