Optimum Offline

Cablevision has really been sucking it up lately. Since Monday, my cable modem has been offline for 10 – 12 hour periods at least four times, including today. I realized how dependant I’ve become on always-on Internet access.


10 years already?

One of my favorite sites turns 10 years old (though I’ve only known about it for about 2 years now). It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes.

This had me do a look up on some of my web domains, and I realized I’ve had since 1998 and since 2002.


First Impressions

I’m watching Tuesday’s season opener of the Amazing Race, and I’m making my first impressions of the teams.

Hope to See Stick Around
The hippies
The mom + daughter

Don’t Know Yet
The nerds
The best female friends
Slacker guys
The old couple
Ray + Yolanda

Can’t Wait to Go
John + Scott
Gen X Married Couple

The nerds would be great, if they just weren’t so…nerdy! Augh!


Jet Lagged

The real jet lag never kicks in until the second day I’m back. That’s when my body decides that it’s a good idea to go to bed at 7 pm and wake up at 4 am. I’m now in my third morning of having spontaneously arising at 4:30, only to toss and turn until giving in and waking up sometime between 7 and 8.

On the flip side, I did finally shave. And it felt so freakin’ good.