RU over Marquette

RU beats Marquette on a crappy day in central NJ, as the team attempts to steady itself coming off a series of losses and injuries. The most interesting aspect of the game was that head coach Gary Waters was trapped in Ohio due to the weather, preventing him from returning for the game. No doubt this will only fuel more speculation on his fate, as associate coach Fred Hill stepped in to fill Waters’ shoes. Having coached the team to a win, the RU “faithful” may push for a change even more next year.


Olympic Fever

I don’t care what anyone says, I still love the Olympics.


RU Baby

RU knocks off UConn in Connecticutt to take over first place in the Big East in women’s basketball. Woo-hoo!


Save Douglass

What’s most amusing about reading this Targum article about the proposes changes is the arguments for a resedential college model as something new. All Douglass is today is a resedential college, albeit one with the ability to set its own degree requirements. Changing the degree requirements only solves one aspect of the issue. What makes the whole thing even more absurd is, if you read the admissions discussion, students are admitted based on a checkbox. So, as a student (a female one at that), if you pick all three, you get placed based on where the admissions gods slot you.

As for the RU Screw, the issue isn’t that you have centralized departments, but that you have some aspects (Registrar, Housing, Financial Aid) centralized and others (student adivising, activities and clubs, degree requirements) not standard. Why would you design a system where the entity offering the courses and managing registration is separate from the entity that defines the degree requirements? Why is residence life specific to each campus, each with its own training, codes, and rules college-specific, yet the housing department is centralized?

The whole system is ridiculous and needs to be fixed.


Super Dooper Blooper Bowl

So, admittedly, I missed some sections of the Superbowl last night, especially a large 45 minute section around halftime. But from what I saw (much of the same in commercial terms as B-Dawg, there isn’t much to say.

The commercials this year were weak, especially when gauged against the all important chatter quotient. Around the “water cooler” the participants in the annual Monday morning quarterback routine were all scrounging to remember any half decent commercials. To that end, I’ll give my list.

Most Bizarre: The Burger King Whopperettes
Most Annoying: The Cadillac Escalade
Most Forgettable-but-still-Halfway Decent: Degree Stunt City
The beer commercial that made me laugh out loud: Magic refrigerator tied with the beer hidden around the office for motivational purposes
Favorite “Celebrity” Usage in a non-movie commercial: Jackie Chan for Diet Pepsi
Commercial that reminded me most of my love for monkeys: in the commercial with the sales graph.
Best commercial not featuring spoken english: Fedex
The commercial that reminded us why we are in this purgatory of poor commercials:


Last Weekend Writeup – Thursday Edition

I caught a 3:40 pm flight on Friday to Houston.

The party was already underway when I arrived at the Marriott ballroom. Swanky Flyertalkers were mingling while others raided the buffet table and the CEO of Continental signed posters. Xyzzy and his wife were there, along with the “infamous” Speedyturtle (who’s not at all as evil as some might argue).

Saturday morning began with the tours, one to the flight simulators, one to the CO HQ and Ops Center, and the third to the maintenance hangar, catering floor, and the baggage handling system. Due to a mix-up, my hour and a half wait for a bus that was never going to arrive resulted in my attending the ops center. This provided a fascinating look at just how the difficult decisions are made around flight cancellations and delays (btw, thanks, guys, for the delay going home Sunday). Catering and the executive offices rounded out the tour.

The evening was filled with a Q&A session with the CEO and his management team, then a BBQ dinner, all taking place inside the maintenance hangar. By far the most exciting aspect was the 757 that everyone had access to, from the cockpit to the engines to the cargo section.

Saturday rounded out with some poker for charity, before everyone began the trek home Sunday. Until next year!