Super Dooper Blooper Bowl

So, admittedly, I missed some sections of the Superbowl last night, especially a large 45 minute section around halftime. But from what I saw (much of the same in commercial terms as B-Dawg, there isn’t much to say.

The commercials this year were weak, especially when gauged against the all important chatter quotient. Around the “water cooler” the participants in the annual Monday morning quarterback routine were all scrounging to remember any half decent commercials. To that end, I’ll give my list.

Most Bizarre: The Burger King Whopperettes
Most Annoying: The Cadillac Escalade
Most Forgettable-but-still-Halfway Decent: Degree Stunt City
The beer commercial that made me laugh out loud: Magic refrigerator tied with the beer hidden around the office for motivational purposes
Favorite “Celebrity” Usage in a non-movie commercial: Jackie Chan for Diet Pepsi
Commercial that reminded me most of my love for monkeys: in the commercial with the sales graph.
Best commercial not featuring spoken english: Fedex
The commercial that reminded us why we are in this purgatory of poor commercials:

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I still can’t decide if the Whopperettes commercial was the most brilliant piece of advertising in the world, or the worst.

And I only wish the beer advertisers would’ve stuck with the cream of the crop – Hidden Bud, Magic Fridge and Michelob’s Late Hit were all pretty damn funny, but the other junk weighed ’em down.

Oh, man, and how ’bout those lame-ass hybrid ads, after last year’s kick-ass Prius Stopped World spot? Man, when Kermit the Frog can’t save you, you know you’re screwed.

Basically I didn’t see a single worthwhile car commercial for any parts that I watched. The Escalade did try, I’ll grant it that, but it still failed miserably. The Kermit commercial just didn’t make sense, and I have this vague recollection of a father and son who are bilingual driving in a car in a generic background scene.

Truthfully, the commercial that’s been on the air for a few weeks with the guy heading to work who parachutes off a cliff in the desert is more adventurous than any of the car commercials I saw during the Bowl.

And did the commercials in the second half seem progressively less entertaining than the first?

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