Items of Interest

Having bumbled around for a few days now, there are really a few things that have struck me about Thailand that I wasn’t expecting.

  • Smoking is not that common here relative to some cities I’ve been. It may be that it is common, it’s just not seen as much. But when I think about how Bangkok banned smoking indoors in some places back in 2002, it amazes me considering back in NJ the smoking ban won’t take effect until April.
  • The roads in Chiang Mai feel like they’re in better shape than the roads back in NJ. It must be easier when you don’t have a winter, but really, NJ, you’ve GOT to fix the transportation fund.
  • Women work, and work quite a bit here it seems. I wasn’t sure what the breakdown would be, but from what I’ve read and heard women are generally well educated and active outside the home.
  • Thai women riding motorcycles (a very common sight here) is really freakin’ hot. 🙂

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