Layoff Watch Day 1

Today I thought I would innaugurate the Layoff Watch, as a space where I can chronicle the rumors, the facts, the morale and the odd ways people react to the uncertainity surrounding the question “Will my access card and network login still work tomorrow morning?”

Today brought official word that the IS organization would be cutting approximately 150 positions, as was known yesterday, out of approximately 2500 worldwide. The odds were basically right around what was expected. It also brought official word that some middle management, not unexpectedly, might be on the chopping block as well, and also demonstrated that my immediate management team is now looking a bit on the haggard side. My director, usually someone very much on top of the goings-on, had to silently repeat a few questions to himself at our staff meeting this morning, when he’s usually quite on the ball. Not the most positive sign, and in fact, everyone I talked to in the meeting felt less confident after it was over.

Among the many items stated at many of these meetings is that the precise numbers and people targeted for “elimination” is not really known and will be determined over the next two weeks. Granted, everyone seems to insist that such a list is already in existence, and that they’re certainly on it. If this is true, I really do have nothing to worry about, as that would easily take care of the 150 people being targeted worldwide. I wouldn’t want to have to pick up the slack alone, though.

Morale is low, but sarcasm is high. Sometimes during the day the office has taken on a kind of “Survivor”-esque theme, with everyone whispering who they hope management votes off the premises in their place.

Oh, and of course, almost nothing productive happened. As if that’s a surprise.

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