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Yes, Why Do We Keep Choosing Ineffective Urban Interventions?

From the article

Last week, the NAACP released a report with a blunt, but sadly accurate, title — Misplaced Priorities. I could not help but think about this title in terms of the House of Representatives’ proposed zeroing out of YouthBuild.YouthBuild has been rigorously evaluated and justifiably acclaimed for its success in turning around the lives of troubled youths, many court-involved, most of color, living in urban centers across the country.

All for $16,000 per youth — what we might call a bargain. Even before any cuts, almost 20,000 youths are turned away from YouthBuild each year because of lack of funding. If the House gets its way, YouthBuild programs across the country will be decimated. The result: more crime, more poverty, more joblessness, more substance abuse, more fractured families, less state revenue, more despair. Misplaced Priorities hardly captures the astonishing myopia of the House’s proposal. As Woody Guthrie once sang, “Some rob you with a sixgun, some with a fountain pen.”

Wall Street Wins Again?

Coming off the news of the latest Wall Street ripoff scam, federal regulation to reign in Wall Street is foundering in Congress.  Hopefully the regulators, Administration, and Congress can get their act together to put through meaningful reform so banks don’t create multi-trillion dollar holes they need to be bailed out of again, all while making sure the individuals become filthy rich.

Found: Hottie Joe

Below is a brief letter from a Philly-area paper recently.

Hottie Joe
Am I the only one to have given serious thought to the manly appeal of Joe Biden? Are we immune to his warm, sweet smile? Are we not stirred by his broad shoulders? Are we incapable of fantasizing?  He’s not merely sexy – he’s hot!

Ruth Rosen

Politics: Obama the Radical

The NYTimes does a decent write-up on Obama’s relationship (or lack thereof) with Bill Ayers.  This coincides with McCain & Palin picking up on this topic again as a part of “going negative” on Obama.  Meanwhile, another group proposes their idea for how Obama should hit back at McCain over his relationship with G. Gordon Liddy.

From the “Makes Me Laugh” File

I read this quote with great amusement:

“It [the Mississippi House seat special election loss] was another wake-up call that we have to show Americans that we can
fix the problems here in Washington and fix the problems they deal with
every day,” said Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the House
Republican leader.

Memo to Boehner: You ARE the problem in Washington.