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Now With Photos

Finally! On top of making WordPress work in under an hour (take that, Movable Type!), I’ve also got a Photo Gallery working too! Sure, it needed a few minor script fixes, but it only took about an hour to figure that out compared to four weeks of failure with Movable Type. I’ll post an update soon once I finish updating all my recent photos.

End of Movable Type

And so ends the Movable Type experience. I’ll be trying another platform, now at http://www.cdymek.com/blog/. The RSS feed has change as well.

So far, the new new site is up and running. Hopefully it will stay that way. There may be a few “flukes” in the system right now, like permissions errors, but overall it’s just as good as Movable Type with, I hope, more stability.


The site has been slammed for a few days now with a heavy enough load trying to access the comments and trackback components to bring down the entire shared server.  As a result I’ve taken some countermeasures to try to stop the deluge until more permanent solutions can be found.  For the time being, comments and trackbacks have been disabled.  Hopefully this will help alleviate enough of the burden on the server that I can keep the site up enough to post.