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Support Net Neutrality!

Today, July 12, is an Internet-wide day of action to support net neutrality.  Net neutrality is the principle that keeps telecoms from using their dominant power to discriminate against what you can see, share and do on the Internet.

Take a few minutes to let your representatives and the FCC know you support net neutrality and want to keep an open, fair Internet for everyone.

Battle For The Net Video Bumper from FFTF on Vimeo.

B1G Stadium Sizes

Given some of the comments I heard surrounding the Rutgers – Penn State game about the size of Rutgers stadium, I was curious to see how the stadium stacked up to the competition.  I knew the stadium would not be in the top half of the list, but I was pleased to see that 1) Rutgers was not in the bottom 3, and 2) that it won’t take much to get Rutgers up near the middle of the pack.  My expectation is that a solid few years in the B1G will go a long way toward getting Rutgers stadium over 60,000.  Which, knowing how loud folks from the NJ area can be, will make it sound like there are 120,000 are in there when big games are played.

Home TeamStadium NameSize
Michigan WolverinesMichigan Stadium109,901
Penn State Nittany LionsBeaver Stadium106,572
Ohio State BuckeyesOhio Stadium104,944
Nebraska CornhuskersMemorial Stadium87,091
Wisconsin BadgersCamp Randall Stadium80,321
Michigan State SpartansSpartan Stadium75,005
Iowa HawkeyesKinnick Stadium70,585
Purdue BoilermakersRoss–Ade Stadium62,500
Illinois Fighting IlliniMemorial Stadium60,670
Indiana HoosiersMemorial Stadium52,929
Rutgers Scarlet KnightsHigh Point Solutions Stadium52,454
Maryland TerrapinsByrd Stadium51,802
Minnesota Golden GophersTCF Bank Stadium50,805
Northwestern WildcatsRyan Field49,256

Source: Wikipedia

Letter to the Rutgers Board of Governors & Board of Trustees

Here is my letter to the RU BoG and BoT regarding Tim Pernetti and the athletic department’s “current scandal”. This was written on my phone, so please excuse the typos.

I am writing to you first and foremost to urge you to do the right thing, not theost expedient, with regards to our University’s current situation regarding our athletic department and men’s basketball program.

It is with great regret that our University is today being so negatively portrayed in the media without regards to the actual facts and feelings of those most involved. While we hear a multitude of opinions from outsiders, we on the outside do not know the right and wrong of what has transpired. Our media presents characters as heroes and villains, not the true, complex, and mistake-prone individuals that they are.

I believe Tim Pernetti to be a true Rutgers man of character who has worked incredibly hard to continue building the athletic department in the right direction and I wholly support him in his position. If you find it the correct decision to remove Tim Pernetti, then so be it. I only ask that you do so because of a grievious error he committed and not ad a craven response to the protests of outsiders who neither care nor truly support this great University.

Thank you,
Christoper M. Dymek, RC ’01

Emracing Rationing

While I settle in to married life, I’ll resume posting articles of an interesting nature (to me, at least).  Here’s one I just read today.

A NY Times article out today argues for the use of “rationing” in health care.  The author argues that any system we work in today already rations, purely on an “ability-to-pay” basis, and recommends re-evaluating whether that makes sense in a world of expensive treatments that may provide limited “value”.

Canonball Run

The Sunday night drive home from Philly is often a dull affair.  Tired, worn out, and dreading the start of another week, I drive the 52 miles.

In order to make it more interesting, I’ve been prone to racing my own “Canonball Run” against the clock, trying to get home as quickly as possible.  This past Sunday I’ve posted by best time, 60 minutes, a mark that I’d come close to hitting but usually missed by 1 to 4 minutes.

Why the big deal?  Well, from Google Maps the route should take about 90 minutes.  Only about half the trip is on highway, and the speed limit there is 55 miles per hour for all but four miles.

Jindal Be Bad (Why the Louisiana Gov is Wrong)

Expanding on my previous post, Sunday’s NY Times had an article about the reconstruction efforts in New Orleans and Louisiana in general and how the stimulus spent by the government to rebuild has had a major effect on the area, supporting jobs and demand.

Gov. Jindal, of course, trying to kowtow to an out-of-touch crowd trying to look after their own special interests, rejects any such help.

Nice to know the citizens of Louisiana are being served so well.